Using Rebate Opportunities Saves More Than Money

Rebate offers are available to both business and residential users of energy and purchasers of energy-using equipment. These rebates are offered by the Federal Government in an attempt to slow down the extreme rise in energy usage that has come with developing technology.

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If you buy the equipment that is energy efficient and in the best interests of the future of the country and indeed the world you will be rewarded with a cash return for lessening the problems of energy generation.

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The standards that are used to determine whether or not an appliance can qualify for such an offer are known as the Energy Star standards which were developed internationally. They cover everything from building materials and the glass used in windows to the appliances that are routinely used in the average family home.

This is not just limited to the major users of power such as heating and cooling systems, but is available even for low use items such as consumer electronics. Qualifying for the government money will depend on the appliance meeting strict standards, but these are easy to quantify and are clearly marked under the program.

One of the most significant areas in which rebates help is in building materials and renovation because this can have a profound influence on the amount of fuel that is used over a long time. As hot air rises the roof is of the utmost importance in keeping a property warm and energy efficient.

Most roofing materials, even those used in past eras are adequate, but they can all be helped by having quality insulation on the inside. Windows are also critical and there has been a significant improvement in window technology in recent years. All windows used in new constructions need to be made with Low-E glass which can also be used in renovations.

You will qualify for a rebate if you use this Low-E glass in any renovation you conduct on your home because using it will save energy for a long time to come. This can be reinforced by using an energy efficient boiler or heating system to generate the heat that the improved windows reflect back into the room.

If your heating or cooling system is old it will be using more fuel than would be necessary if you switched to a modern Energy Star compliant system. The improvement has been significant in the past ten years.

Heating and cooling systems are often where the greatest amount of energy can be saved, especially if your old system is working inefficiently due to wear or being clogged with soot. While a simple cleaning and renovation of your old system will definitely improve matters, it will not make anywhere near the improvement that a full new installation will make. There is an expense involved here, obviously, and whether or not the replacement will be worthwhile will depend very much on your circumstances. In any case, the government money can only help.

Other residential appliances can also use a significant amount of electricity over time, especially the refrigerator which is constantly switched on and working. Ever since Amory Lovins first showed the world his extremely low energy solutions for the kitchen, there has been interest in the concept of a low power consumption refrigerator.

Now while recent refrigerator models may not quite have reached the standard which Lovins set they certainly represent a significant improvement on what has gone before. The rebate you will be entitled to, plus the ongoing savings in fuel, will almost certainly justify the purchase of an Energy Star model.

There are also many rebates available to the commercial sector from both government and energy companies themselves. This applies especially to the information technology sector, which is consuming ever greater amounts of energy for data processing.

The computers and storage devices of the past were only able to process a fraction of the information that is processed by the latest models. So an upgrade of equipment can be a significant energy saver. This sector of industry is likely to use up an increasing amount of power in the coming years making energy efficiency in this area especially important.

There are many purchases for both residential and business entities for which a rebate will be available. So make sure that you don't miss out. You can read the background story behind the government's commitment to energy saving as a beginning step. The links you will find will tell you everything you need to know of what is available.

It is also a good idea to look at the sites of the energy companies that operate in your area since they may have their own programs you can take advantage of. If you are building or furnishing a new home you can save a lot of money if you take advantage of every available rebate.




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