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FPL rebates are available to anyone who is intending to upgrade their air conditioning equipment to something which will meet the Energy Star standards. These standards are part of an internationally recognized group of benchmarks which seek to determine a level at which energy is being used as efficiently as possible. The Energy Star markings make it easy for consumers of all electrical products to see at a glance whether the appliance is energy efficient.

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Before you think about changing your air conditioning, it is worth understanding the background to the situation and the reason why rebates are offered. The major part of the reason stems from the fact that energy suppliers are under pressure from two different sides at once. They are facing the need to deliver more electricity to homes and businesses in their areas due to increasing population and increasing electronic product use, while also facing pressure to downsize fossil fuel consumption from environmental activists. The data processing industry is growing at an incredibly fast rate due to its links with business and the Internet, and a demand for more data to be processed must also involve the consumption of more fuel unless efficiency improves at the same rate.

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One of the largest uses of electricity in most domestic homes is temperature regulation, the heating and cooling appliances which make a house comfortable to live in through the extreme weather conditions which most areas experience at some time of the year. The expense of running such systems is often much higher than it needs to be because the system itself is old and inefficient in fuel use, and also because the house itself is often poorly insulated. The best step if you can manage it is to have the home renovated to the standards of new constructions before you change the heating system.

There are government rebates for the replacement windows and extra insulation for a roof which can make all of the difference when you come to improve your air conditioning, as well as the FPL rebates on the air conditioning itself. Once you are ready to have the new installation carried out, make sure that the unit you choose is Energy Star rated so that it qualifies for the rebate. In this way, you will be saving money on the fuel that you use to generate the heat or cooling effect, and that will already be less due to the improved building structure.

Commercial air conditioning units are even more critical to get absolutely right. Many commercial buildings receive visitors from off the street and have to make them feel as comfortable as possible, either other business clients or simply customers. This means that the temperature needs to be kept at a constant level. While it is not possible to change the air conditioning every time an improved product is created, there will come a point where the savings in energy and the improvement in efficiency will make it the right choice. This often happens at the time the old system would need a major service.

The FPL rebates often tip the balance in favor of having the system replaced, because they lessen the financial outlay which needs to be made to replace the equipment. In commercial buildings it is common to borrow the money to finance the renovations and then pay it back over several years, expecting the reduced fuel bills to effectively pay for some of the loan repayments. The rebates will help to reduce these payments still further and allow the purchase to be made more quickly. Use the Internet to find the Energy Star models which qualify for FPL rebates.




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NPUC's rebates list grows
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Some TEP customers left hanging as TEP cuts back on energy-efficiency rebates
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PNM provides tips during hot summer days
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Save money and energy with PNM programs for your home. Rebates are available for energy-efficient air conditioners, evaporative (swamp) coolers, swimming pool pumps, and more. Additionally, by completing a PNM Home Energy Checkup, customers .


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